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Need info to fit 35" tyres

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You'll need adjustable front and rear panhard rods, adjustable upper trailling arms for the rear axle, radius arms to suit the lift for the front axle and or drop boxes, extended brake lines, extended diff breathers, extended brake proportioning valve bracket , possibly new drag link and of course extended sway bar links if your has them. For 35" you'll probably need rear adjustable lower control arms as well. Big money around 4 grand worth of kit all while trying to stay legal which can be questionable with all those addons.


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Sounds like a lot of trouble and expense for 2" worth of extra rubber!
Will 35's really take you anywhere 33's won't?

There is a buttwipe I see around here that drives a Landlooser that obviously has monster truck delusions of grandeur. 
The thing is jacked high enough I suspect to get in and out of the thing he has to have a guy push a set of stairs up to it like they do at the airport. 

I don't know what tyres the thing has on it but they hang about 6in out of the guards and the thing looks like it would fall over at the first lane change let alone corner.

I have seen it for some time now and regularly notice it as the guy flogs the ring out of it as he goes up the hill I live on. 
He must be lucky to have gotten away with it for so long  because I'm sure the cops would be all over the thing like a fat kid on a cup cake if they spotted him. 
It must be bloody unstable on the road and handle like a wheelbarrow full of Walruses.
Still, there is no limit to the stupidity people will go to round here in order to look what they think is cool when they just look like Dic kheads.

Of course on the other hand, you then have the clowns who lower Subaru Foresters which are in fact a Liberty wagon with raised suspension for off roading  instead of buying a liberty with the lower highway type suspension in the first place.....  :wacko: 


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