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Bogaard turbo timer


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Hi all,

Anyone got Bogaard 925/GU unit fitted to their Patrol? Any chance you may have a wiring diagram/instructions or perhaps could take a photo of electrical connections especially the "plug n play" to existing Nissan harness.

I have a generic(universal) 925/ST-5 unit and it would greatly assist me in the installation especially because I have to cut wires.


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Well, I've contacted Bogaard directly and was politely told to fcuk off since they do supply plugs with the unit for Patrols they can't help me to source them, go figure. ( I thought instead of cutting looms and whatnot I could just make it "plug n play" so the generic 925/ST5 could be turned in to 925/GU unit.

Also asked them to at least advise which plug they connect the unit to, apparently they don't know. What a bunch of tossers. The only piece of info they told me is that the unit I've got can be used on Patrol.

Wow, thanks for stating the obvious you bloody experts.

Came across one forum member at "nissanpatrol dot com dot au" forum who just fitted the plug n play one so I asked him to take a photo of the install, haven't heard back from him. So looks like I'm gonna have to make my own harness.

It shits me to tears when I have to "reinvent the wheel" but I guess that's expected as those bastards want me I buy another complete unit instead of giving away a little bit of information.

Bogaard is of the X-mass cards list..........

Anyway rant over!


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Seriously I wouldn't worry about a turbo timer. They have been pretty conclusively debunked as being of no benefit other to the people peddling them to get richer.  

Modern turbos and oils don't suffer the same fate as older style turbos and I can't think of a single manufacturer that fits a turbo timer to any new vehicle despite how many there are these days. 

I was going to fit one to my truck but then I read up on them and to my mind the evidence was overwhelming they are a load of guff. My own truck has been without one for 20 years and hasn't stuffed the turbo yet without one so why bother?

How many wires does the timer you want to use have anyway? The one I picked up only has 3 or 4 and they were easy to figure out. 

Those plug adapters give me the irrits. $25 to cater for people that can't figure out how to cut and solder wires together. 

My son brought another of his mates round the other day for me to fit yet another stereo. He was crestfallen when he discovered the adapter was wrong.  I sent him back to supercheapo and told him to get a refund as I had one in the shed and I'd find it while they were gong. Time they got back  I'd tapped into the wiring without cutting off the original plug and had the thing all hooked up. They didn't even notice there was no connector being too excited with the new sounds. 
Cost me a hell of a lot less than $25 to wire the thing in and it didn't take any more time than going to buy a connector and coming back would have anyway. 


I did find the Turbo Timer I picked up to make an excellent shed light timer though.  
12V plugpack and a 12/240V relay and I can switch off the shed light and walk over all the rubbish and be well back in the house before the light turns off. Much better than tripping over crap on the way out of the shed and stepping in what the dog who refuses to go on the grass leaves behind on the driveway about 5 times a day. 



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LOL, Glort you have a way with words mate.

I wouldn't buy turbo timer personally but obtained this one next to nothing. It is 6 wire unit ( it has an opton for park brake).

I know that Patrol's subtank module is not turbo timer friendly so wanted to just see how Bogaard does it hence my interest in seeing how the "plug n play" module is done. I am also not friend of soldering in to wiring looms, I've seen too much damage caused, beside I also want to have the unit removed in the future so idea of hard wiring/soldering it in doesn't appeal to me at all.


I normally idle down the engine by EGT drop (150 degrees C) which normally correspond to about 3 minutes under most circumstance. Having turbo timer is just going to be more of convenience than anything else.



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