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Hi everyone


Just came accross your forum so tnought i would give it a go. I am already a member off the other aussie patrol forums, but like to keep up to date with everything Patrol related. I live on the north side of Brissy and own a GU3 with the wonderful ZD30 engine. Just done over 200,000 andwas rebuilt recently. I have all the nads mods except the catch can done and have also fitted a dp chip. I have 33 inch tyres and a 2 inch lift. Been to most of the 4x4 parks and had a pretty good look around the Glass house mountain area.

Look forward to chatting and hopefully wheeling with some of you in the near future



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Hi welcome to the forum.

I'd recommend to fit Provent catch can in near future. Very good investment and on yours it is possible so long you have 03 engine  to plumb the return (drain)straight to engine block so you don't have bother with draining it.



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