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  1. Glad to see your on top of it Rumcajs....LOL
  2. It will more then likely be a blown stop light fuse causing all 3 problems. The stop light fuse is fuse number 14 in the fuse box inside the vehicle. It's a 10amp fuse. If the fuse is blown you will need to find the cause. Start by checking the trailer plug and it's harness for possible damage.
  3. It can be done with a change over relay. You would need to modify the wiring at the that electric aerial.
  4. No worries mate. If your GU is an early model it will also be beneficial to run an earth lead to the chassis, either from the negative battery post or suitable place from the body. This will help overcome possible future problems with the sub tank and other electrical faults. Here's what Nissan recommend.
  5. Start by disconnecting the battery for half an hour. This will reset the sub tank control module. Has the fuse blown again?
  6. The reverse lights also run via this fuse. Check your reverse lights an trailer plug harness for damage.
  7. Hey Nick, Welcome to the forum. Hope you pulled up alright after the weekend. Cheers Rodney
  8. Repaired the damage (cause by my last trip to Glass House Mountains) to my RHS side step and remounted it. I wish my sliders would hurry up.
  9. What type of tail lights are you using....LEDs?
  10. Looking good. If you taking orders.......hehehe
  11. The alternator sense fuse is located in the fusebox under the bonnet, on the plastic cover it is labeled as "ALT S". There was a guy on another forum over the weekend who also said he did not have power at the alternator for the sense circuit and his fuse was not blown, so there might be a common problem in the harness somewhere. Did you check for broken wires about and inch away from the alternator plug? it is common for for breaks to occur there.
  12. On the GUs the alternator sense wire is fused.
  13. That's a strange one, normally it's just dirty contacts. You repair is not ideal, you now have both the LHS and RHS high beam running through the same fuse. Normally this is not a problem but the GQs have a problem with melting the headlight fuse holder when only one bulb is running through it. You would be better off using a relay.
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