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Household Plumbing warning.


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A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine woke up in the night to the sound of running water. Getting up to investigate he put his feet on the bedroom floor and the water was almost ankle deep.

The flexible hose on the  bathroom sink tap had blown out and the mat was covering the drain hole so the water spilled out all through the house by the time he heard it and woke up. Major problems and ruined contents.

Tonight the Mrs was cooking dinner and panicked when she saw "smoke" coming out of the sink cupboard. Opening it she got sprayed with hot water. 
When we cleared the sodden mess out, the braided hose for the flick mixer tap I put in less than 2 years ago had split and was spraying water everywhere. 

Didn't take long for the water to be running across the kitchen floor. If it had happened while I was asleep or out, It would have been a giant shitfight like my friends place. The real scary thing was that I was going  to go away tonight for a week but felt tired and not wanting to rush packing, the mrs and I decided to leave in the morning instead.
I think I'll be turning off the water and pulling the water heater fuse and some others before I go now.

My mates whole house upstairs and downstairs suffered a LOT of damage and of course the insurance company weasels are trying to shaft him on the claim. Not nice a few weeks out from his wedding which is where I was heading off to.  Could have been a whole lot worse off than him with the water going for a week!

SO... If you have these Chit flexible pipes in your home, be careful!

A google search shows these things burst all the time and cause all sorts of grief. If I find the crap in the next house I'll be throwing it the Chit house and replacing it with good old copper. 

And if I come across a place that has that crap plastic plumbing.... NEXT!!!
A plumber once bragged to me it was guaranteed for 20 years. I said that means the house i'm living in now would have had all the walls ripped out 5 times now  to replace the garbage. It's not even cheaper than copper, it's just faster for the lazy arse plumbers to put in the places when they are being built. 


If you have to have these flexible braided hoses, Might be an idea to replace them every so often to avoid catastrophe.
My house has wooden floors so I'll be boring a couple of 1" holes through the bottom of the cupboards and the floor so if the worst does happen, Hopefully the run off won't spread so far. 
Bit hard if your on a slab but that may be reason not to have these things at al!



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Copper can be just as bad...


The place I used to live in at Kincumber (central Coast) had copper pipes, but around 25 years ago when it was built there was a 'bad batch' so the plumbers say.


25 years on and tiny pinprick holes appear.. They slowly leak water into the wall cavity until you notice swelling and mouldy carpet.


Had it happen three times in the one house over a period of 10 years.. Friggen nightmare.

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