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What size tyres on stock GU


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Sweet - Im thinking of selling my quite new set of 4 Cooper AT's and upgrading to the 33" STMAXX that everyone is raving about. The Cooper AT's are fantastic on road and in the wet, but ground clearance in the bush will make a difference.. Plus, it will look shit hot.

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Do your 35s scrub out with the 2 inch lift?

No. . . . but you have to space the front diff forward with radius arm spacers, remove front mudflaps, and cut a bit of plastic on the inside of your flare, but nothing cosmetically damaged, nor structural. the 35's fit like a bum in a bucket on a 2inch lift.

The radius arm spacer.


The bit that contacts on 3/4 lock after the mudflap is removed


Wheels straight plenty of clearance.


Just cut that little useless flap off the flare inside the colord' bit of your flare.

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Ive had 35s in muddies and ats on my gu3 with a 2" lift, the only spot they hit was up under the inside rear guard under full compression and the (what ever that long bloody arm is called that runs to the front diff housing) on full lock.

One set are nissan offset and ones toyota, and one clips the front and the other the rear, so with the right offset front and rear neither would scrub (in my case).

Christ, i nearly lost myself then!

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