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Wheel arch and door flares


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Can some one instruct me on how to install the Wheel arch and door flares. I bought this 2000 GU about 3 weeks ago and last week end a mate of mine who lacks any sence noticed the door arch flare on the drivers side had a slight gap between it and the door, so he gave it a tug and snapped 2 of the mounts off, I removed the screw from inside upper in door and have glud the mounts back on, but can seem to figure out how they go back on as the slot on the two middle mounts face each other. I will eventually buy a replacement but in the mean time would like to get this flare back on, any tips would be appriecated as I cant find anything in my Haynes repair manual..

Thanks in advance

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I need to replace the rubber trim that fits between the plastic wheel arch and the body. The sun has cooked mine over the years and its gone a bit hard, but those @%$&@$ clips are such a pain in the ____ to try salvage when removing. I will have to go find me a handfull of them before I tackle that job.

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