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GU rate front recovery points


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I got a GU about 2 months ago, too the rated recover points off my old GQ, the holes line up, but I cant figure out how to mount the one on the passengers side, as unlike the GQ which had the chassis rail open to get a plate in there the GU chassis rails taper up to a point at the front, is there a trick to getting nuts in there to mount recovery points?

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I will hunt around for some photos of what I did with mine. I have a bash plate fitted to the Iron Maidens underbelly to offer a bit of protection. With this plate on, the standard Nissan recovery hook didn't fit, so I had 2 new recovery points made up by one of the Forum members of the South African Patrol Forum. The drivers side fits no problem as there is thread for the 3 bolts to fasten up against. The passenger side is a slightly different problem as there are three hols but no thread. To get the recovery hook to work there you need rivnuts to fit this recovery point. BUT ...... this recovery point is NOT for doing the recovery, but to fix the lanyard to. Don't get me wrong, its very strong, but my brain says it isn't as strong as the drivers side one. I believe for a straight recovery it will be fine but if at an angle, I am not as confident. I also don't believe in welding it to the chassis either as this opens up a whole new can of worms.

Have a read on the South African site. It is quite a long read on various recovery points, but you will see exactly what it looks like and how its fitted. Mine have done a few recoveries and are still as strong as a 4.2 turbo diesel Patrol....hahaha..... Read from page 8 for how to fit them ( there are some replies in Afrikaans, one of the other South African official languages, but the English posts will tell you all the info needed )



hahahaha.... we may be on the other side of the world..... but we are quite sharp.....hahaha

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I do have ones but they obviously bolt on from underneath of the chassis where OEM Nissan tie down hook is there are prepared holes on the others side with welded nuts as well on mine.


There are none on the side of the chassis on RHS unfortunately.

However I see no point having side mounted plates, I use load equalizer strap too so I don't yank off just one hook.


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