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Howdy all


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Yep, it can be quiet at times, mostly I guess.

It is up to people make it tick so ....I've seen plenty of people signing up, posting 1 or 2 questions and then leaving never to come back, shame really.

It was originally set up as a back up forum for p4x4.com when it experienced trouble in 2012 and the off chance of being lost for good before its eventual takeover by the Canadian Autoguide group which simply collects automotive forums for its portfolio which have completely ruined the forum itself IMHO, but hey some people don't get it. There is a lot of attitude and downright hostility over there too cause mods simply let the things float casually. There is no transparency either, the events prior the takeover where never really explained and there is this feel of some shadowy influence there too. 

I'm not impressed by them (Autoguide) and feel like exploited for cash only, it also lost its community feel too. Comparing all the existing Patrol forums, one is too feral (p4x4), another one has too much bromance (nissanpatrol) and this one too quiet. 

What usually ruins the forum is the general section where opinions about everything get pushed/trolled/abused.....

I do like how 'whirlpool.net.au' forum is policed personally, no religious discussions of any type are allowed (cats vs dogs, ALP vs LNP, Holden vs Ford, Nissan vs Toyo or ZD30 vs TD42)  no ego chit fights, no trolling, no abuse, no off the topic useless posts and no hiding the facts like deleted topics/posts. 

I suppose it is attended by a lot more professionals as well so it needs to keep high standards.

Anyway, feel free to make a noise in here it is up to us to make it louder.....

I do like the fact that mypatrol4x4 has modern interface, better tools for posting and much more liberal allowances for content then the original which is outdated, sluggish and outright crappy.






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Well, I think you have summed that up well. 

Yes, been in and out of forums for decades, plenty of twats and keyboard warriors, plenty make it very clear that their understanding of things is really just horse-shit.

Well, I shall start making some noise, not huge fan of the TD42 crowd who love picking on the ZD30, mine hauls enough arse to make a few blush. 

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Hey... leave my old 4.2 donkey alone..... hahahaha

Yeah, a little healthy banter never hurt anyone, but sometimes people pull the ...... out of it and then it gets ugly.

Anyways ... Welcome to the forum.... from far far away in South Africa.....( We come from far and wide to see what you Aussies are up to ,,,,,hahahaha )

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