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LED Indicators and Park Lights (Bullbar)

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Just a quick guide on how i replaced the indicator assemblies in my factory Nissan Winch Bar.

I bought the replacement units from OzLED. You can get cheaper versions direct from China, but OzLED supplies to the emergency services here in Australia and the lights are ADR Approved so you wont have any problems with insurance or the Fuzz.

The set i bought fit exactly into my bull bar, the only thing i had to do was the wiring. Being that i prefer to solder and heat shrink everything (i hate those dodgey crimp things!!) the job took a little bit longer.

The lights come in a pack of 2, are fully sealed and have this chrome bezel to finish it off.


A picture tells a thousand words so its perfect to show how the wiring gets done.

Drivers side


Passengers side






Parkers old and new



Indicators old and new



Quite an easy mod, stops the dreded "my indicators are full of mud and water" issues and i think looks pretty good.

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Looks great

Have you got a part number for them

G'day Russ, Sorry i dont have it anymore.. If you give the guy at OzLED a call and tell him what model car you have he will be able to tell you. Perhaps post it back here for us all to see?

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Geez, I'm after exactly the same thing that part # would make the life easier.....


Edit: I had a look at their entire catalog and as far as I can tell from it, those lights have part # 175AW.

Dronus are you sure the mounting holes spacing is exactly the same?

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I got them this morning from OzLED in Melbourne, they don't look exactly the same as the ones on Dronus's rig exactly (no chrome bezel ) :( .

They do stand apart and work the treat. I couldn't however bring myself to solder the wires so proper weatherproof connectors were in the order. Anyone wants/need spare second hand OEM indicator/clearence lights covers?


Edit: for those who have fitted these ligths and find the main headligths parkers too yellow you can get replacement LED T10 wedge type from Jaycar part # ZD-0394 cheaper than from fleabay or else.



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