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Dual Battery Monitor (Projecta) - Install pictures


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I recently installed a Projecta dual battery monitor and I must say that Im very impressed with it. The display is fantastic and it really gives you a good idea on your battery health.

The whitish smear over the face of the unit is from when I used metho to clean the dash prior to puttin on the double sided tape to hold the unit in place.. I got it everywhere.

video here

My starter battery is a little on the sad side - as you can see from the video and images.

I have a redarc 1220 which charges the second battery for me - Extremly good unit.






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You should recieve 13 - 13.8 volts by memory with engine running

Try charging it and the loading up, Good way to check battery is via the following:

1. Completely charge battery

2. put suspect battery inlace of your normal starter battery

3.check battery voltage while ignition off, should be around 13 volt

4.turn ignition on and check voltage

5. start car whilst watching voltage and if it drops under 12 volt its rooted.

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Went to battery world to get a new starter battery today but before try sold it to me they did a test on my car and the result was 'excessive ripple' - from the alternator rectifier. So I've got the car booked in for tomorrow for either a new rectifier or whole new alternator.

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I went away this weekend and the new alternator is certainly performing way better than the old.. I was on the road for about 2.5 hours and my D250S Dual ctek in the camper trailer put over 50ah into my battery bank in the camper trailer.. Very happy.

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Your can get them on eBay or several online stores. I got from a camping show at one of the stores there.

Cool thanks. I found one on eBay but will start keeping an eye out for them. I showed the missus but she just rolled her eyes and went back to the TV.. if she won't get excited about that I'm not sure how she is going to react to the recovery points and kit I'm eyeing off :ph34r:

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The projecta has a beautiful little display - :-) Im a sucker for a bit of a nice display. You wont be dissapointed.. It even connects to your headlight signal (which you can get from the back of the radio) and it will dim the display at night so it doesnt blind you.

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