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Help Windscreen replacement

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So my old lady closed her garage door on my car and broke the windscreen( I might add this is her third episode of car damaged by garage door!) so I need an new screen

What's the go with this?

Do I replace the seal too?

Who to get the job done with( in Adelaide)

And what brand seal to use?

Help me!!!

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When i went to get the windscreen replaced in my old wagon Windscreens Obrian told me that the oem rubber was cheaper and better then the factory nissan one and lasts alot longer before weather damage makes the corners peel apart ect as for the windscreen no idea they should all be about the same i would imagine, probley go to the wreckers and pick up a good second handie for half the price of a new one and buy the new rubber, windscreen from MQ-GQ fit each other.

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I've had windscreens replaced previously and used Wizard Windscreens, they come to you and the cost has never ben over $200. On my Gq, they re-used the rubber and it never leaked.



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I had one of the windscreen companies ( can't remember which one) do a screen on my commodore. They don't have a rubber, just siliconed in.

The thing whistled and then leaked. Rang them up and someone else came out and when they pulled the trim off, there was a section of about 10 Cm where there was no sealant at all. Not happy Jan!

I think the 2nd guy was a bit embarrassed at the obvious shoddy workmanship. He used HEAPS of sealant and was very careful about how he cleaned off the subsequent ooze. Was fine after that.

My GQ seems to be leaking on both sides. Someone has obviously tried to silicone it up before.

Perhaps getting the windscreen rubber replaced might be a good idea.

Anyone got any ball park figures for the seal and having it done?

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I used national windscreen (in Melbourne but they may have an outlet in your area) to replace the windscreen & rubber in my MK (the GQ windscreen & rubber is the same)

Was around $320 supplied (windscreen & rubber) & fitted

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Well don't get me started... $498 for a new screen, new seal, 2 holes in the roof lining, silicon oosing from everywhere, silicon on the roof, silicon on the snorkel, silicon on the antenna, silicon on top of the seal, seal uneven and pinched in about 15 diff areas, loose roof lining, rubber seal inside top kinked and not sitting right, surface rust visable on pass a pillar to show where seal was originally, and 2 big pieces of rubber wedged into bottom corners where seal isn't fitting right AND glass all over car where they forgot to vacume.

WINDSCREENS OBRIEN you wont want me as ur customer when I am at ur door at 730 tomorrow morning............

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thats no good mike.

if i had seen this post earlier,

would have directed you to the windscreen place on main north oppisite macca's after regency road.

heard a few good storys about them.

use them at the car yard i used to work at too, really good on price.

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