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GQ drivers seat

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Mine has gone.. It snapped the pivot a while back, so I repaired it but didn't get it spot on.

Now it's loaded the left side rail and it bent under the extra weight..

Been looking.. City dismantles in Adelaide are useless.. 3 phone calls and no returns.. And the local yard wants $150 for a complete seat with a massive tear down the outside edge...

Is this still a fair price?? Or are the cousins changeable easily??

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Been looking at seats myself lately. I'd like to know as well if anything from GU's fit the GQ's.

I can get all the Subaru seats I want for Nix so I might have a look how they fit. Have all the tools to make them fit so I might find some nice leather ones and see what it takes.

I'd like to upgrade the back seats for the kids so some Nice GU ones would be good in there if they are at all compatble.

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I installed a set of brand new Holden Calais seats in my MQ years back, got two from a Holden store in Port Melbourne that had a bunch of stuff going very cheap. Installation wasn't overly hard, as all I had to adjust for was an height offset, between the console and door side of each seat, with a riser. From memory, a couple of the bolt holes even match up. It may be worth having a look around at similar seats from other sedans and then considering the options.



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Ok a bit of closure to this thread.

I pulled the seat out to my surprise the runner had actually snapped...

So what I have done is welded 2 bits of Steel along the side and top of the runner.

So now it works and my ass is level again..

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