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PC Failure Myths


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I'm not at all sure where you got that from, however:

1. I don't build computers and have never said/implied anything of the sort.

2. The analysis was quite self-explanatory, with caveats stating the limitiations of the analysis.

3. The link was posted purely for those who may be interested in such research.

4. I said make of it what you will; so if anything, direct your criticism towards the message, not the messenger.

5. Read the last para of this link: http://pjmedia.com/blog/tips-for-not-appearing-crazy-on-the-internet/2/, it addresses your post quite succinctly.



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In my experience fixing bloody everyone's computer - Family, friends - I can say that one common issue with PC's is dust coupled with low quality fans with plastic sleave bearings cause more issues than really necessary.

Sometimes all thats needed to fix a 'crashing' pc is to get it out the back and blast the shit out of it with my aircompressor - The amount of dust that comes out of the things is incredible - and more so with smokers. Smoke tends to make dust stickier and it accumulates to the point where fins on the heat sink are completly blocked, causing overheating and crashing.

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I ( presently) live on a main road. The amount of dust I get out of computers is unreal and it dosen't take long to build up.

The machine i'm writing on / testing I have just managed to resurect. Blew the dust out of the thing then it refues to work despite numerous hdd changes and ram. Still booting a bit funny but here's hoping.

Had a problem with my audiophile quality surround sound a while back.

Thought I'd take the cover off fo a look see and found the heat sinks were completely covered smooth with dust and cat hair. they do like to sleep on the thing becuse it's warm... too bloody warm at times. Blew clouds of dust and fur out of it and the thing works well now.

I made a plate to go over the top where the vents are and glued a length of 4" PVC on it to act as a chimminey with the warm air and draw in more cool air from the bottom and across the heat sinks. It's helped a lot because it's definately running cooler now.

And The Cats can't sleep on it.

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