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Whinge on kids and texting.


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I have an 18 yo girl working for me ATM.

Put her on in desperation last year as I needed help and hoped shed get me through the week She turned out to be a bloody legend, able to think on her feet, solve problems and is a really good worker. 

She puts on what must be an act she's a scatterbrain but proves the opposite to be true.

I have been trying to get hold of her all weekend. Gave up calling and tried texting.  NO reply. 
I knew then she was avoiding me.  My kids checked her facewaste and by evidence of up to the minute posts, she was still alive.  I know her phone is with her about the same as her arms and legs so therefore she had seen I was trying to get hold of her. 
Also given the only time I do contact her is for work and I know she has been out partying a lot lately, I know why she was avoiding me. 

So I go to plan B and ring my best mate, her Dad and ask if he can get her to give me a ring.  He's unimpressed because shes' been hounding him for money as we haven't had anything on over school holidays and also agrees shes " Playing dead" so she can keep sleeping in till 2PM.

So she gets back to me, Via text and I try ringing her. No response. I text her back which takes me 20 min to frig around phone typing what I could say in 2 sec, or less.  Still wont answer the fking phone but will reply to texts in 7 sec flat. 

I can see in time that humans will evolve without a mouth but grow and extra thumb on each hand with a pointy claw for pin point accuracy on those tiny text phone keyboards. They will stil have ears though to support those little things that go into them and the other end of which attaches to their Iphones so they can never hear a ruddy thing you say to them when they are within earshot. 
Probably want you to text them then too!




Has anyone else noticed that they are putting heart/ lung machines in phones these days?

It's true!
Pry your kids phone out of their sticky unwashed fingers (  a crow or 6ft Pry bar is a useful tool to overcome the death grip they will have on the thing) and see what happens. 


​They will fall to the ground, arms and legs flailing uncontrollably, make shrieking sounds as their life force is drained from them and they will start turning different alternating shades of red and blue, which I am sure is a sign of oxygen deficiency.  

Hand their Iphoney back and the convulsions and death wails stop, Their normal pasty Vitamin D lacking colour returns to their spotty faces and  they go back into their transfixed state of bliss.

How the heck did they ever pack a heart/ lung machine into such a tiny package that sends and receives texts, you can update your facewaste status on and even makes phone calls..... If you have any " credit" left.




I have to admit, it's not just kids whom are phone possessed.

.  I watch parents waiting for their kids half of my working day and they all sit there, thumbs flapping furiously, eyes in a fixed stare at their tiny screens, returned messages and face waste alerts beeping with the same importance as a heart monitor in an ICU while their world shrinks to the size of an Iphone display. 

I'm working with their kids, about 4-6 feet in front of them and every single day the things they ask about that happened that close right in front of their eyes is staggering. 
If It wouldn't cause such an uproar, I'd like to walk their kids outside and sit them on the grass and see how damn long it took them to notice they were gone. I guarantee it would be at least an hour and for most of them it would be however long it took for their battery percentage to run too low.
I could splash a gallon of cows blood around for effect and they would never notice me doing it but geez when the spotted the blood and no kids it would make for a combination of worlds best and Candid camera footage to end all!

No word of a lie, I saw a mother let the baby she was breast feeding slip and almost fall off her lap this morning because she was  balancing the kid in one arm and typing with the other. I think it was a case of holding the kid with the wrong arm for that breast so as to be able to use the hand needed for typing on the phone. 

She gathered up the kid, looked around to see if anyone noticed, made lingering Guilty eye contact with me realising I had and 5 min later I saw her doing the exact same thing again.  
There's a new form of modern child neglect for you.  Probably a salt of the earth woman just too damn distracted on a very important job.


I know, I'm a Dinosaur.
Funny enough I can do things with computers and camera's that people tell me can't be done. I can take a picture, have the camera transmit it hundreds of meters to a server and make it pop up on a screen or spit out a printer with no one on the other end.  I muck around with electronics, can wire up home entertainment systems with no problem, and the other day got a car engine sitting on a stand to run perfectly  after getting a wiring loom, plugging in the computer and hooking it all up.   NO TROUBLE.

All this phone stuff leaves me cold though. 

And apologies to those many reading this that will be the modern phone obsessed I refer to.  :P

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Glort, what an epic post, had a good giggle.
Unfortunately, you can't stop progress or should we say downgress. The sheeple mentality is taking the cause....

I have no problem using me smart dumb teh phone but only for certain things however never felt a need to waste my life by updating "fastewaste" status or f-twitting  nonsense or other always connected social activities.

This bull chit is all about consuming something, the insatiable apetite for more, newer, better is fuelling this lunacy. The future looks bleak in this case.

The human society will be reduced to shadows eventually as machine will take over. The dawn of the machines is upon us, lol I sound like a mad preacher.

Take care.


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Today I saw an example of this phone distraction at it's very worst that absolutely stunned me. 


Old faithful seems to have spat it's starter motor so I took my son's little Subaru to the job I was doing. At lunchtime my sales Girl and I went into Parramatta. 

I don't know the place that well so was taking my time going up one of the always busy streets there. as we were going along looking for the shopping centre entrance,
As we went up one of the streets at about 30 K,  a woman with a child about 3-4 years old walked out from the foot path diagonally along the road with her head buried in her phone obviously Texting or face wasting right in front of us.  I stopped and she kept coming still not looking up till she was right in front of the car across the centre of the 2nd lane from the footpath.  She didn't even look up till she heard me going off my nut out the windows.  I'm sure had I been in the truck shed have heard me coming and it's likely in the scooby doo she didn't, but that's a Farking long way from any sort of excuse for not looking up and checking..... and she only had to look one way because it's all one way streets round there. 

As I was doing my best to insult her lack of parenting skills, beyond belief, she merely turned around, still holding the phone in one hand and the kid in the other, walked back to the footpath without looking up to see what was coming up the near lane and walked back along the foot path still with her head buried in the phone. 
To say I was stunned is an understatement . As there were no cars behind me on the block, I reversed back, went into the nearside lane  and told the stupid cow that she ought to put the goddam phone away because she'd live longer and more importantly, so would her daughter whom ought to be taken off her.   
Without looking up from the phone, she mouthed something and kept walking. 


I often make light of this phone obsession people have but I have NEVER seen anything like that before.  My sales girl was freaking for the kid and said that they were lucky this time but clearly the mother didn't give a Fluck and would it be a matter of time before she got them hurt or killed in the future?  I told her If I ever saw her do anything half as stupid I'd pulverise her phone and tell her Dad why so he could kick her backside when she got home for good measure.  

I also said I was glad she was with me because I'm not sure people would believe how ignorant and irresponsible a mother could be and believe what we saw.
I keep meaning to get myself one of those dash mounted camera things and If I had  one, I'd have put this on boob tube and let the media know so this moron mother could be as embarrassed as possible. You just don't do things like that with a kid on your hand. 

 And I'm not talking about some obvious crack head here, the cow and the little girl looked nicely enough dressed and presented, but the level of couldn't care less had to be seen to be believed. 

I don't mind admitting It threw me for a couple of hours afterwards. I had have been doing the normal traffic speed up that road with other cars around me, The outcome would not have been good.


We are working at a place photographing 1000 kids this week and these centres are hyper sensitive about having working with children checks and what you can and can't say to the kids and all sorts of crap to do with the welfare and protection of the kids.
Then you see a mother do something as moronic and put their kid in so much danger it's unbelievable. 

 I told my girl if she saw the woman turn up at the centre, to start packing up our stuff and be ready to leave because I would rip her a new one full knowing we'd get chucked out of the place and asked never to return for upsetting the clients but I wouldn't care. 

Perhaps this isn't so much about phones as personal stupidity and ignorance but I just can't get my head around how a parent could do that. 
I'm a parent that used to let his son do things people thought  was over the top for his age  so I'm not a bleeding heart that wraps their kids in cotton wool but that was one of the most dangerous things I have ever seen a parent do with their kid.

Maybe that's why seeing this and the attitude just freaked me out so much. 

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