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New Forum and ideas


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Thanks to who or whom made the new forum was a good idea seeing patrol4x4 is having major issues :(

Dont know if its been discussed yet but just wanted to bring up the idea of if the admin/admins would wanna copy and paste alot of the usefull stuff/info from the old forum just incase it does decide to go under?

Also the layout is nice and im liking it so far :)

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I can add a proper classifieds section which will allow you guys to sell stuff but it costs coin to set it up. If things keep getting busier then I will get it running as soon as I can. If we can get to say 500 members I will set it up for sure.

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Yeah thats cool was just curious :)

How about if we want to advertise stuff can we just chuck it into the General Discussion area?

Make the title state

(For Sale) drop boxes

(Item) Superior drop boxes.

(Condition) New in box never used or fitted.

(Price) $50.00

(Location) Doomagee.

(Freight) Pickup, May assist if you orginize it.

^^^^ Just an example ^^^^ sound good? or nah :)

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That forum is running as I just checked.

One funny thing I just read on there. Someone asked when is forum going to be fixed and the reply stated that they can't do anything is owner has banned moderators from admin access and has gone MIA again. Lol

Got to feel for those moderators as they have put a lot of time into it and it doesn't seem to be paying off.


I reckon the end is near



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