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  1. Would love to be around in a hundred years or so and see one of Ray's great great great grandchildren take this to Antiques Roadshow and have one of the experts try and explain what it is.
  2. Love that top pic Edu, must make underground parking a pain though.
  3. I replaced mine at 100k, showed no signs of playing up, just a preventative measure. I clean mine everytime I do an oil change.
  4. Nice write up. Just did mine two weeks ago and had every intention of taking pics but it just got too hard. I replaced the radius arm bushes along with the panhard bushes front and back. Has made a huge difference, no more wobbles or shudder. You've got me thinking about the bolts though, I didn't replace mine, just cleaned them up with a wire wheel and applied lock tite. Did you replace the bolts because you had to replace one anyhow or you are cautious? Anyone else reading this, make sure you have at least a 12 ton shop press, pretty cheap at around $200 bucks and easily cheaper than paying someone and you get a cool tool to keep. You will also definately need a rattle gun, as GQ beast said, the bolts are bloody tight.
  5. Both look great to me.
  6. Hey, what type of oil should I use in my ZD30? I can't seem to find any info anywhere.
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