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Lift pump Install (Carter 4600HP) including spill line mod

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Just in case we do lose the other forum, I will try to move some of my tech info across, can't hurt will be a WIP for a while. This will be my first go here so bare with me.........

Won't be quite as much written detail but I can put up most of the pics and captions I saved on my laptop.

NOTE: No original fuel parts/lines were cut or modified in this exercise, this can all be undone and put back to standard with ease (well disconnecting the original fuel line after 12 years was not exactly easy, a few scratches on the hands were involved.

Rocket industries supplied the pump, Good price actually, all fittings were from either Pirtek or Air and Lift Gear

This is the wiring Diagram Whitie helped me on this (I'm an electrical dylexic, but I eventually get there)


This is the pump frame layout with measurements and the b upass schematic


Parts ready for assembly, eventually changed the bits I used on the spill line mod to get them more compact, used 90 dregree fittings for this


Pump Bypas line with one way valve, this is used in case of a pump failure, still allows the IP to pull past the pump but stops the pump from pressurising the tank


Pump Frame 1


Pump frame 2, with pump mounted to frame


Pump frame 3, mounted to chassis, Tow bar and Tank bash plate (unseen in this pic)



Pump frame 4, painted and showing chassis support bracket

Pump frame 5, Showing tow bar mount position and pump protection plate mounted to the lower bash plate


Pump frame 6, shows back mounting point to rear of the tank bash plate, also rear view of lower protection plate


Pump frame chassis mount shows where I drilled and inserted a rivnut into the chassis to add extra support for the frame, there is quite a bit of high frequency vibration from the pump and I considered it worth installing this ectra security mounting


Pump fully connected including bypass, Iput some rubber hose over and parts that could be subject to movement (I hate rattles and I wanted to protect them) I slid some 1" ID rubber insulation over the one way valve for the same reason.


3 way switch for pump operation, position one allows operation of pump when ignition is turned on for normal use. Position 2 isolates the pump completely, Position 3 allows manual operation from under the bonnet isolation and bleeding of filter when filter is changed.


Proposed Spill line mod layout overlayed on standard setup


Completed Spill line mod,



Wow, that was time consuming

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Great info, have you sourced the pump from the States? I'm heading there next so there might be a opportunity for me to get the hands on the good gear without paying Oz tax.


Looked at a lot of pumps in the States but didn't buy one, I only paid 108$ AU for it from Rocket Industries. so not a lot of difference really. But still worth a look if your going there anyway.

BTW I put up my pics from the SA meetup for you in the march madness thread that Dronus had going on Patrol 4x4

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I might look at FAAS pumps while there that seems more appealing to me but not the price. Thanks for info and pics (incl from SA).


I looked at Fass very carefully while I was there, went to a Diesel drag meet where all the suppliers had stalls and picked up info from all of them, Fass are a great pump but definitly overkill for our purposes and mainly designed for the bigger engines. Honestly you won't go past a Carter for reliabilty and cost, soemthing like 10,000 hours life expectancy and they are rebuildable. The other is the Walbro FRD 11 also good. You can try Holley reds and blacks, there are some very good Gerotor pumps but all have their drawbacks. The other thing with some pumps is their compatability with the different fuels, the Carter handles both petrol and diesel very well, as does the Walbro..

I took all these things into consideration when making my choice

Once again you will be hard pressed to beat the Carter as an all rounder

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Can somebody explain the spill line mod for me. What is the purpose, and is it relevant to 4.2's.

I have no expertise in 4.2's but with the ZD30's part of the spill line runs under the rocker cover and is not normally subjected to the varying pressures applied by a lift pump, on a bad day it may leak and fill your engine with diesel. This mod returns the bypass to the tank with the added benefit of cooling the return thus having slightly cooler fuel returned to the IP.

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