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landy's MK Patrol turbo diesel ute

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Ok so it is a:

1985 Nissan Patrol Ute

Engine: SD33Ti 3.3l inline 6 cylinder intercooled turbo diesel

Gearbox: 5 speed manual

Current Turbocharger: TD04HL-19T-6 with custom exhaust housing and trimmed turbine wheel

Exhaust: 3" dump and turbo back with high flow Lukey muffler

Intercooler: FMIC 600x300x76 (2.5" hot side piping and 3" cold side piping)

Diffs: ARB Air lockers front and rear with 4.6 ratios

Tires and wheels: 315/75 R16 Mickey Thompson TTC Claws on 16x10 -44 Dynamic steel wheels

Gauges: AEM TruBoost EBC and Boost Gauge, VDO Pyrometer

Electrics: Piranha Dual Battery Tray on drivers side, Delkor 900cca cranking battery and Delkor 100h/a hybrid deep cycle for accessories (not yet fitted) Controller by a Red Arc smart solenoid.

It makes 100rwkw and 360nm on 35's.

This was my old shorty that I decommissioned due to rust:


I had already lined up a 1985 MK Patrol Ute to swap the good gear from my shorty into. Air locked 4.6 diffs, stereo, ARB compressor, dual batteries etc.

The ute had done 190,000km and had a blown N/A SD33 and a 5 speed N/A gearbox.

As I picked it up


Cleaned up the engine bay a bit and deleted the passenger side battery tray to make room for a PatrolDocta 4" airbox and snorkel



In goes a rebuild SD33T


Patroldocta Snorkel and airbox




It had a 600HP ForzenBoost water to air intercooler from my old shorty and a custom intake plenum I had made up


Fitted my 2" springs and associated shocks and cut the guards to fit the 35" TTC claws on 16x10 -44 offset rims.




Built a 3" exhaust including dump pipe




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Then it was like this for a bit, the head gasket blew on the rebuilt motor very quickly. 300km. I didn't rebuild it. The head was knackered and they just chucked new pistons etc in it but didn't recon the head.


So once I blew the head gasket I towed it up to my farm with the trusty LC76 V8 D4D ;)


Pulled the reconditioned head from my old SWB motor and proceeded strip the ute head off and install the shorty head.


Lots of pitting



Got it all going again and tested fitted the RTT - Note the dodgy mounting between cab and rhino rack :| No dice.

Also purchased a brand new ARB Deluxe high mount winch bar for it.


Purchased a nice big checker plate toolbox for tools, camping gear, whatever else...


Then I put new carpets in and got a compressor fridge as a centre console - Waeco CDF11 I think it is...




Took the missus on a quick over nighter with the roof top tent out to Mt Stirling in WA


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After all the greasy work was done...I decided it was time to give the paint some love.

So I spent an afternoon with a mate with some Meguires Ultimate Compound....



Installed a new 2" lift and some extended shackles at the front.




Made some mud guards to cover the rear tires


Got some new custom floor mats


Purchased and fitted a dirty big FMIC and relocated engine oil cooler




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Great truck mate. Geez that 4 poster was a bar and a half.. lol

Thanks mate, yeah the 4 poster is as original when it came off the show room floor!

I think with a polish up it would look brilliant - It just doesn't flow with any lines of....ANYTHING really haha!

I have ordered a new compressor wheel and housing for my turbo, so I hope to have some R and D done on that by the end of next week.

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