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Anyone have standard 16" alloys off a GUIV or later?


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Hey Folks,

Just wondering anyone has the standard 16" alloys from a GUIV or later. I know they are usually 17", but I have found some 16" variants locally and not sure if they are genuine or not as there is no Nissan stamp on them.

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Series IV DX Walkabout models had 16" alloys fitted as standard but they were only the same as the series III St & Ti. I have seen the alloys that you are talking about fitted to a GQ. They looked pretty good & took me a while to realize that they were only 16's.

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I know the Nav/Pathy wheels and they are not that, they are the same as the picture Jacket posted up, but 16".

I think I'll buy them, trying to bargin with them at the moment as they are asking too much IMO

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