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Time for new glow plugs. What's your prefered brand & thoughts

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Well it's Tax time and this year the old girls will be having a birthday.. It's pushing near 1/2 million and its starting to show its age.

I've just done some research and dam plugs are cheap.. But what band if favored..

In have the GQ 91 with TD42 NA in it.

So what have you found works well. Cheers

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Afraid I don't.

Until now, I have never needed to replace them on any car I have had.

I have read a bit about Bosch with other things as well. I believe they have moved a lot of their manufacturing to India and standards have slipped Markedly. I know with Mercs, no one will touch Bosch injectors with a barge pole any more. all sorts of trouble been had there.

They all go for a " Mico" brand now which is a lot cheaper and people rave about.

A Mate of mine with a Triton has tried every brand of glow plug he can get his hands on and still they burn out real quick. Has said numerous times that the cheaper no name ones seem to last a bit longer than the brand names.

I just went looking for some for my other car.

Genuine, $49+ ea

Aftermarket, $20 ea

From OS on ebay from a reputable seller with a brand I never heard of before but highly recommended on forums, $30.40 for a set of 4 delivered.

Going to order a heap more parts as well from OS.

Fan belt tensioner , locally $240+ OS, OEM brand, $160 delivered.

Clutch kit $565 here best price , OS on name brand, including $80 delivery, $231.


Can't recommend a brand but I can recommend shopping around especially with OS suppliers.

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I found a few Queensland and nsw places selling no Branders for around the $15 a plug.

Bosch have a set of 6 plugs for $36 delivered, but then they also list a set of 6 for $100. Pictures show 2 totally different plugs but I'll leave both as I've read the same as you Glort.

The only reason in changing them out is its nearly at 1/2 million on the clock and it's starting to put out a bit of smoke on the highway. I believe this could be unburnt fuel.

So I'll try the no Branders then.. $80 for 6 delivered, and 2 yrs warranty why not...

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If the thing is smoking once it's warmed up to proper temp and heat soaked, I don't think it's the Plugs.

I believe they only cycle till the thing hits temp then that's it.

With the one I have with the burnt glowies, it's a bitch to start but once going, it's fine. I do have a suspicion though that the cause of the burnt plugs may be because of the way I have the fueling but thats another issue.

Were you going to put a water injection system on the thing? It may well help. A few weeks ago I noticed mine was blowing more smoke than usual and I hadn't had the WI on for a while. I got a new pump and got it going and within the first bottle of water after the initial clouds of crap blew out, I can barely see any smoke now even when peddling the thing with a turned up pump.

I initially suspected the veg oil was gumming things a bit, I now suspect it may have been some glazing of the bores at least in part.

Whatever it was, the WI fixed it very quick and the old girl has got a spring in her step again.

Even the young bloke asked me what I did to it the other week saying it was going really well and felt like it wanted to go more.

You could also dribbling some water down the intake while the engine is running. Give it about 2-2.5K revs and slowly tricke the water in the inlet slow enough so it doesn't bog down. If it does, stop the water, let it clear itself then go again a bit slower. If you can get a couple of liters down ( or more) you might see some difference. I have found it best over all to fit up a system so it get's lots of squirts when driving.

Maybe give it the trickle treatment every day for a week and see how you go.

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Yea after thinking about it can't be the plugs, but during these colder months it start well but is missing on a few cylinders for a couple of seconds.

And smoke is low really compared to some I've seen, it's not visible at 100 during the day to me but more at night through the car lights behind me.

I do intend on fitting the WI system. Just gotta get the pump and go from there.

I may hold off on the plugs untill last as there are a few other things that need doing first like brake discs and pads..

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Maybe look at injectors for your smoke issue as for the starting that sounds about normal mine does that too even with brand new plug when it's cold.

Oh and you guys that don't support the Australian market make me bla bla bla bla :P pfffft as if I was gonna say that but someone might lol.... They seem to love bashing on people for that on forums

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I prefer to buy locally when it's not going to mean i get shafted.

Not only for the local market but in honesty, more because i see it as less of a risk. Less risk of the stuff going astray, more chance of getting it replaced if it does, more chance of getting warranty or refund if the stuff turns out to be crap.

That said, i don't like paying too much fundamentally being a tightarse.

As an example, Recently I wanted some new verniers with the digital readouts for not critical stuff as my eyes aren't what they used to be.

I looked around everywhere from engineering shops to flea bay and they all looked EXACTLY the same.

Can't see why I would pay 80 odd bucks at a tool shop for what is clearly the same chinese made things I can buy on ebay for under $10.

They did a great deal on shipping so for $4 a pair, I bought 10 sets so I had some spare and to give to mates.

Supporting local business is one thing, just giving them my money is something else!

Like I mentioned else where, i wonder if the local business bandwagon champions actually practice what they preach??

Like with the parts i mentioned above. I got the prices of a local bloke that imports this stuff. OK, he has to make a living but the way I see it, If I can buy the stuff one off at retail and pay full tilt on postage, surely he can get the stuff in bulk and have it shipped here cheaper than I can. That being the premise, I would think the prices should be a lot closer.

If they were I'd certainly say Stuff it and get them off him. When you can get things 1/3rd the price though, that's different.

I do intend on fitting the WI system. Just gotta get the pump and go from there.

I gotta admit, i'm 1000% sold on WI. I keep reminding myself how damn well it works.

I'm back in the city this week managing a couple of buildings and doing the crawl in the traffic over the bridge.

Last night the old girl was running on vapor so I filled her up with the fuel of the independent, Veg oil. Normally at this time of year I'd put some petrol in to help with starting and thin it out. It also helps combustion I believe and gives it more power. I was out of the devils fuel, so straight, 100% oil went in.

I had to go out last night so the new straight fuel went through the system and was in the IP etc for this mornings startup.

Against all parroted mantra, The old girl fired up straight away without hesitation.

This morning coming in I was a bit surprised to find the old girl was pulling just as well with the straight oil and the water as she does with the petrol in the mix. I was expecting a noticeable drop in how "energetic" it might be but I couldn't tell any difference. This truck is running NONE of the normal conversion setup and does not even have a fuel heater atm.

The vegbrains would be screaming this will kill the thing, I know that's not going to happen when the thing is running this well.

She runs pretty clean except when I peddle the thing as I have the fuel turned up so expect and want some smoke at the top end. Although I run veg which does generally smoke a little more, I have always seen smoke at night in all my diesels when under any load and it's never been a problem with any of them yet.

Seems even though I know how well the WI works, I sometimes forget by getting used to it but then I get a practical reminder. You know it's for real when not only you notice things but the other people that drive it do as well even though they have no idea of anything being touched on the Vehicle.

As far as i'm concerned WI is the ducks guts for diesel engines especially in keeping them running spot on and at the price, I wouldn't run a diesel without it.

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I just put Bosch plugs in. 100% improvement on the OEM which were probably stuffed.

I have also fitted a timer so that they only glow for 30 seconds instead of the full 5 minute burn. This will significantly improve the lifespan of metal tipped plugs.

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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Got the GP's I ordered from the UK yesterday.

8 days, not bad.

They are ISKRA brand. Made in Slovenia and we all know there is no substitute for Slovak Engineering and technology!!

Just ask any Slovenian Turnip Farmer! :D

The GP timer on my merc was burnt out so someone fitted a manual switch. Thought that was much better than the auto timer on the wifes car which I put a manual over ride on so I knew what was happening with the things.

The auto on the Troll and the Pug seem OK but if I burn these plugs too quick I might go to a manual switch again.

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You guys seem to know a lot more about glow plugs than me so I need to get slightly off topic. If I try to start my GU after glowing it twice until the dash light goes out, it cranks for ages and fires with a huge cloud of smoke. If I only glow it until the light goes out and kick it in the guts, it fires and runs like a dream????? Any ideas why? Sorry to hi jack just a little.

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Glow Plug timers seem to work in a lot of different ways and add some age to them and things really get screwy.

The lights on the dash are also notoriously inaccurate as to how the plugs are behaving. They are more indicators as to when you can crank the engine rather than when the plugs are lit.

On my Gq, the plugs cycle on and off no matter how many times you "glow" Them till the engine is up to whatever temp the sensor wants to see.

I can tell by the sound of the relays clicking and watching the interior or even the headlights dimming. Sometimes you can hear them minutes after you have lit the thing up and been driving along.

On the other car they tend to heat up and drop out very quickly and don't stay on once the engine is running or the glow cycle is finished.

Like most vehicles though, the plugs stay on a long time after the light goes out.

As for your problem, The only thinkg can think of that makes sense is that the timer activates the plugs and then drops them out for a certain time even though the dash light comes on. Maybe when you are glowing the 2nd cycle the plugs are actually cooling off rather than kicking back in.

This would be unusual in my experience bit it's the only thing that I can think of that fits what you are experiencing.

It would be easy enough to get a test light and put it on the plugs and see what they are going compared to the dash light or just watch the cabin light dim and change and that may give you an idea as well.

Some of these auto timers work well, I spose they all did the job when the vehicles were new but when they start playing up, Manual switches can seem a far better option and no extra trouble at all.

I found it far easier to just hold a button and know the things were on as long as I held it rather than flicking the key back and forward which may not have done anything anyway if the plugs were still activated 30 sec after the light went out.

I have also found some engines are much more needy of the plugs than others.

My gq will start straight off if the engine has any warmth in it at all. My other car and others I have had can be hot as in turned off 10 min ago and still need glowing to start easy even though the engines are in perfect condition.

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I've only skimmed over the thread as I'm off to bed, but here's my 2c.

It's not a td42, but still a diesel. My rd28, when I needed new plugs I found out the rd28 plugs were $100 each for the ngk's :( so I bought cheap nasty ones from a local store at about $20 each. They work, but on a cold morning I have to glow the car 3 times over before cranking otherwise it won't start. And even when it's warm outside I still have to glow it twice before attempting to start it. At least if the engine is at operating temp I only have to glow it once.

So, at least with the rd28 I'm not real keen on the cheap nasty plugs. As that's exactly what they seem to be, cheap and nasty. At least you td42 guys have more options and at better prices.


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They are ISKRA brand. Made in Slovenia and we all know there is no substitute for Slovak Engineering and technology!!

Just ask any Slovenian Turnip Farmer! :D


Glort, so which country of origin are they than? Slovenia or Slovakia? Two different countries may I humbly remind you. ;)

I'm currently in the hunt for glow plugs as mine aren't duing their job anymore. While as it is getting warmer ti si becoming easier to start the engine I'm just postponing the inevitable.


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