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ohh give me a break......


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Well yesterday I was wiring up a dual battery system in my brother's gq, needed some extra stuff so down to auto shop we go.....on way back I could hear a rattling noise. *** wait for it ***

Crunch bang and grind......For.F%$k sake what now.....

turns out my turbo decided it didn't like me, if its not enough that.I spent $8,000 2500 kms ago on an engine rebuild....

limped it home and Pulled intake off checked impeller and there was massive amounts of play.

Good news is a have a spare one in garage that was off a low Kay zd30 that blew up and I brought.

All changed and running better than it ever has, hope this turbo lasts.

It was surprisingly easy to do and the hardest part was the heat shield..

was going to take photos but thought I better get the job done.

I think I was lucky s I couldn't find any metal in intake.


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