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Cyclists...I finally hit one!


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I have threatened before to mow the inconsiderate fkers down if they got in my way and I finally did.

Not quite as I thought though.

I was going to a job in the inner city last Thursday. Going through the peak hour Crawl In Marrickville, I just started moving off when this lycra tosser ( yes, he really was wearing Fluro Green and black Lycra) came up the side of me and straight in front. I was in the nearside lane and the traffic in the centre lane was stationary with a bus in front of me in the other lane.

I think the deceased to be couldn't get a gap between the lanes big enough with the bus so just chopped in front of me almost at a 90o angle.

By the time I saw him chop and hit the brakes, I already hit the clown. lucky for him it knocked him sprawling on his side but I didn't go over either him or the bike. Before I could even get out, he picked himself up and cut back in the traffic and was gone. He didn't even say anything and barely looked at me. Much to the opposite of my exclamations and verbals. I did see he was bleeding from the elbow where he grazed himself on the road and ripped his ballet outfit, but other than still having everything attached, I don't know what else happened to him. I got the door open but didn't even get out as he picked himself up and then was going, I thought to the side of the road where we would sort the accident out but he pissed off twice as fast as he appeared.

My surprise and shock soon turned to anger though as clearly the dumb fk knew he was in the wrong and didn't want to face the music. A lot of other people would have freaked at that and been panicked by it through this clowns selfishness if they tagged him.

I wondered what to do, if I should report it to the cops. I thought what's the point? What will I tell them? I have no number plate or way to identify the clown, It was over and done with in 10 sec, if he wants to ride off and dies later of internal injuries, well that's his bad luck for twice doing the wrong thing. Why should I make myself accountable when he didn't have the balls to stick around?

He really found himself between a rock and a hard place being the back of a bus and my Bullbar.

I really think it's going to be a good idea to get those car camera's for all our cars. I also had a bus try to pull out on me when I was BESIDE him 2 weeks back. How do I prove that he didn't have his blinker on when I approached if I did tag the twit If I didn't have a camera? Just lucky at the time no one was coming the other way because I instictiely went to the wrong side of the road to avoid him and if someone had of been coming then I'd be twice at fault.

So I did live up to my word that I would tag one of the two wheel twits if they were at fault, only I had no conscious part in it. The twit was entirely responsible himself. I spose though it will go into his reptior of how bad drivers are and how they run these saints off the road. No doubt he'll portray himself as a law abiding road sharing user that always does all the right things and it's just the tiny minority of cyclists that do the wrong thing. Yeah, My black arse minority. I have been in the land of the latte sippers for 2 weeks now and I haven't see one that didn't cut up the traffic, run reds or break the law in other ways and most of them would be lucky to be in my view for more than a minute.

Yesterday Morning while suffereing driving around Yuppy land central again, I noticed some left over election posters from the greens ( There is more telling Irony, If they are so green, why do they use all this printed election material they then leave around littering the place?)) calling for " Improved Cycleways". I looked and thought Yeah right, so more of them like this tosser can ignore them and they will just take space and money that could have been used to transport infinitely more people on roads.

I still say though, If it comes to me or my family or a lycra looser, I aint going to be the one they put in a black plastic bag.

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WOOO HOOO. Lets start a club. You can be number 2, cos I hit one in about 1992. I had a choice of hitting a Mack tipper or a pushbike. Self preservation took over lol.

The more we hit, the less will be on the road.......Call it culling of the stupid

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He won't be hard to find. He will either be on a bike forum garnering sympathy or the mail that bolts anywhere to the side next time he sees you. Probably while trying to rub bullbar marks out of his ribs.



He was bloody Lucky I tell you. I was just starting off slowly as I could see the turning traffic up ahead was still slowing the lane down. If it had be clear and I'd have given it some boot to get round the bus ( and I normally start off in 2nd as well) I'd have been clean over the top of him, no doubt in the world.

I think he got more of a push and over balanced than a hit ( worse luck) but the stupidity of the move was in no way any less retarded.

Despite their bleatings of innocence and only a few doing the wrong thing, It's patently clear that this is total BS. All you need to do is take a drive each day through the inner city yuppievilles and see what they ALL do.

I also came close to taking a guy out in a WRX the very same way. Came up from behind me in the next lane and did a chop when he was still half beside me. I watched him do it to several cars up ahead the exact same way as he constantly weaved from lane to lane ultimately getting no where. The thing was after causing about 4 people to hit the anchors to avoid him, he was still only partially in front of me about 4 km up the road only were were now in the opposite lanes.

He got stuck behind a parked car when the traffic stopped and put his blinker on and started pushing out and I came right up to the car in front and yelled to the guy ( expletives deleted) You do and I will go over the top of you moron. Being at this stage the bullbar was about 3 inches from his nose hanging out the window, he turned back in his lane and waited for me but then cut the girl behind me off. If I hadn't been keen to get where I was going on time I would have performed a brake check and put him right in the back of the old girl to teach him a lesson in patience and road safety.

Geez I HATE driving anywhere in peak hour!

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I got one about a year ago

Was driving up to have a look out over my city christchurch nz

Had my old slug chugging up the hill at about 60ks going round a semi sharp bend when out of the blue a wanabe lance Armstrong came round on my side of the road

What could I do go over the hill or into a wall nah not for those inconsiderate four abrest tossers

well he went under my truck to inspect my diffs only thing that got me out of getting charged was I had my good old go pro going and recorded it all

think the guy spent 6 months in hospital

Now he lobbys to remove all 4x4s off the road

All I say is he should thank me for having 4in suspension lift and 2in body running 37s at the time thats the only reason hes alive

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