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Water in fuel detector


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Re the Water in fuel detector.I have a 2000 GU which was originally a zd30 but had a TD42 transplant. Although there are wires attached to the fuel filter at the bottom, I've yet to see the water in fuel light appear on the dash which the owners manual says should briefly light up, Is there a way I can test to see if it is actually working, if so how?

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A road side test would be to take a clean clear glass bottle and place the small hose that hangs below the filter into the bottle and open the "tap" to bleed out about 100ml of fluid. examine the fluid in the bottle. Diesel will float on top of the water, and any water will, depending on quantity, will either bead up and sit on the bottom of the bottle, or if there is a lot, it will show a clear flat disk shape of clear liquid.

One would need to have a fair amount of water in there to illuminate the dash light. I usually tap off a few milliliters every time I do a service ( 5000km ) just to make sure all is well.

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Just tried shorting the wires as you did but the engine light came on not the water in fuel light, so they must have stuffed something up when they did the conversion, but at least I have some form of light on the dash coming on, engine light is better than nothing.....

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Sorry bud, they didn't really stuffed up, they just left it as on ZD30 where filter warning is connected to MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light aka engine check lamp). Because yours is ex ZD30 model you dashboard doesn't have filter light decal but MIL  decal instead. If yours was OEM TD42 it wouldn't have MIL decal but filter light. Its all in the decals as pinouts on both displays are the same.  As a matter of curiosity on TB45 (petrol models) it is immobilizer light.



EG ==> ECM (e.g ZD30) models MIL/Check Engine

TD ==> TD42 fuel filter

SN ==> TB45 immobilizer



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