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Micks FAT red GQ snail (now a single cab style side tray back)

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I bought this 1990 diesel in awesome condition 6 years ago, when i bought it it sat at 2" with 33 s since then it has many changes and different looks. this is what it looked likepost-176-0-53509800-1336182726_thumb.jpgpost-176-0-81756000-1336182753_thumb.jpg

the first thing a lift from superior
4" springs
superior lowers and uppers
superior super flex arm and boxs
6" braided brake lines
drop out cones
next it was time for a quarter chop and the $1500 kamar rear bar modded to suit
new 34" trexis intercos. 32" wranglers 34" intercos 38" TSL. also did a cut and shut and flip on some 7"x15 MQ rims which gave me an extra 8" of width poor wheel bearings
grabbed a cheesy bar and bought a set of yuri cv s money well spent 5 years and going strong and a snake tie rod rock rod
next was time to put the lift in and measure up lenghts for shocks
got the longest procomps i could get at the time
then tried some 38s tsl
then cut and made guards to suits
put the long arm kit in and that has changed the truck
whent some 35" creppys
change them creppys for something more road user friendly which i regret because creppys off road are hard to beat
set up two boss compressors into a tank for endless air,i got sick of two flat batterys and blowing air lines so converted to belt driven compressor which is amazing as good as a servo
since then i have had the truck engineered by Chris Argent. the diffs have been rebuilt with new nissan gen 4.6 gears and front diff braced up by Roger at Townsville off road centre he whacked the long arm kit in as well and a great job he did would recommend him to any one for quality work man ship, thanks Roger.
the truck runs on the new kevler wranglers 35"
bought those real expensive bumps stops you know the yellow ones lol
put a tuff dog adjustable steering stablelizer on the front tie/panhard rod and one on the drag link
installed a dual motion for the battery's.

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I bet that gear in the back would make the cops nervous when they pull you over :-p

I bet that gear in the back would make the cops nervous when they pull you over :-p

i havnt had a problem with the cops had one incessant with RTA but thats all resolved now.

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As the truck sits now on 35s having a pose



rear end maxxed out the shocks up and down so i may need longer shocks now post-176-0-92196800-1336474106_thumb.jpg

i think i will have to cut the rear guards a bit more post-176-0-92879200-1336474355_thumb.jpg

but there s not much more room until i hit the fuel filler

plenty of room on the other side were the door meets the guard tho


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Mate thats some crazy flex you got in the rear.

Have you got the 5-link front hooked up? I'll be interested to see how that goes.

yeah flex is good but its limited by the shocks having trouble finding long enough shock

with out the shocks in the down travel just keeps going

5 link will be in soon just needs some paint and to make some jack stands hoping its in for Queens birthday

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Got some stuff done to day and over the past few days.Chopped front and rear guards, put on new flares out of vinedex this is good stuff to make flares out of,

bolted my front bump stops to the rear (which is on top of the diff), put a 40mm bit of square box section under the bump stop and left the original top bump stop in

so they both meet then squash to gather.

Will post some pictures tomorrow.

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With out sway bars on the road it drives like a boat but with it them it drives better that factory could bring out. Yes mostly of the shelf gear but not easy a lot of stuff has been modified to suit.

here is some pictures of the the bumps



And the new flares and (flaps) lol


The flaps are removable for wheeling.

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Have been really happy with how the truck is going.

I have been pretty sack working on the truck over the past cuppel of months but been getting good wheeling in.

I am about to modify my front bar and put a 12000 pound winch on it, other then that I have rebuild three calliper's and pulled out some of my car audio stuff out of the garage to put in.

I will post picture as I go.

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Ok 3 calipars pistons were seized so I had to be rebuild them.

I only had one functional brake working lol.



I put slotted rotter's on at the beginning of last year.


I threw some more audio in.


And there s a rockford frostgate 12" punch comp class sub hiding in the back as well.

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