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Enginebay cooking ideas?

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taken from the OUTHER forum

Baked potato with garlic butter and bacon.

Make a little hanging rack that go’s in the exhaust manifold

I have made them out of chicken wire for a single use or you can make one that bolts on (I would post up some pics but I don’t have any)

Take 3 or 4 spuds cut them in 1\4

Chop up the bacon

Wrap up spuds and bacon in alfoil and hang from exhaust manifold (don’t have them in direct contact with the manifold)

Drive for 3h

You will need to pre prepare the butter at home

Put butter in stainless steel mug and melt using heat from manifold

Paper plates and plastic cutlery

You cant go past a baked spud at 6 in the morning when going camping.

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Was a time when every second farm tractor had a pressure cooker bolted to the exhaust manifold.

Pretty sure there's still one out in the shed somewhere ...really gotta go dig it up now.

a recipe

part flap from a side of lamb

sprinkle black pepper, salt, oxo chicken or beef powder stock, pinch of cuury powder and then roll up with a slice of bacon..

twitch a piece of wire around it and into the pot just before morning coffee break along with a couple snmall spuds and a slice of pumpkin.

Small piece of mallee or redgum charcoal, and'or a gum or mallee leaf adds to it ...

drink coffee, and then get going again. 3 - 3 1/2 hours and lunch is ready :)

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Anyone had sucess with this?

I read about it somewhere years ago but the thing seemed to be the temp was really hard to control and obviously depended a lot on the terrain you were driving in. I recall one guy in the piece I read had a fashioned a double walled oven and had it on the back bumper. He had one of those exhaust cut out things and a temp gauge and could regulate the temp quite well. Seemed to be enough heat at the tail pipe to cook with.

Would take a bit of creativity to make an area that was suitable to cook anything around the manifold on most patrols I'd think, not an awful lot of room around there.

I can just image a trip with my crew with something cooking under the Bonnet and the smell wafting in the cab.

" Are we there yet?" would change to "Is it ready yet"?

Probably just as annoying as the first question.

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