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I pick it up monday :)


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Was listed on ebay at 800 with 7 days to go, i rang the wrecker and offered 800 outright, they accepted. Its a good price right?

Also in ST model patrols, are the electric seats cabling already in place?

Frikkin awesome price.

Not sure of your year - my 04GUIV has some plugs under the seats

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If it's in good condiiton, I think it's an excellent price. The ST does have some connections under the seat that probably link to the electric seats, but you'll also need to find if they have the fuse connections installed. The spot may be there in the fuse box, but it may not have the terminals/wires connected.



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I looked at them, but they were in Qld and the freight cost made it uneconomical. Patrol-A-Part want to charge me $800 for just an ST passenger seat and a console!!!!!

That is ludcrist heyhey, Especially when I priced two front seats and console to go in a ute for $300 at a 4x4 wreckers in Reserve road Melton!! I think Patrol apart love to take people for a ride with things like that!

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Yep picked it up, veryyy happy with the condition of it!

I checked the plugs underneath my current seats for the power and they Are different, so i gotta work that out. The only thing missing out of the kit are the rear barn door skins and seat belts.

Also the centre console was out of an auto, mines a manual so i gotta mcgeyver something.

The only thing holding me back is all this rain, its killin me.

Anyone seen any threads on installing electric seats, i cant seem to find any info.

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