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More Snatch Strap Dangers


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I have knowingly done some very dangerous and stupid things in my time and always come through without a scratch. The things that have hurt me are the ones I never saw any risk in like with this poor guy.

I guess he got out of the accident very well connsidering how badly injured he was. Amazing how suddenly your life can change or end due to the most innocent of activities.

The lesson is those snatch straps are a LOT more dangerous than they look and people percive. They therefore need to become known to one and all that they are to be used for one thing only and used by the book.

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nasty accident that could have been prevented, but hay one lucky fella

as a kid on the farm we used to tow an old steel havester wheel behind the ute only had chains back then

so i know its common practice to fix the tracks

but using a snatch strap for this and fencing wire?

maybe they will rethink the whole concept


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The new Holden Colorado advert has a Colorado snatching a trailer out of a mud bog....

Have a close look..

He uses a chain, over his frikkin towball!!

That's not cool...

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OK, admitting probably ignorance......

But isn't the danger in the strap and the stored inertia?

I would imagine if you snatched/ towed with a chain and the towball snapped there would be no stored energy to propel it, the thing would just fall to the ground. May jump a bit but only a couple of feet because there is little elasticity in chain.

If that is the case and the idea itself of snatching from the towball as one may get the impression it is OK to do with a strap, then I get that.

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yeah I'm no expert so couldn't authoritivly say what it would do but from what I hear the general rule of thumb "tow balls are for towing, recovery points are for recovering" sounded good. Probably not a good concept to put out there either way :) if he had a recovery point in the hitch it might have been better?

Besides, there is a perfectly good excavator on the work site which might have been a safer option? Either way, standing next to it while snatching probably isn't so good..

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