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Pics of your Patrol in nice places...


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How do i insert a picy :unsure: :unsure:

Select "more reply options" than at the bottom of the editor window you'll see paper clip icon with "path to file/pic" tab and buttons "Browse" and "Clear" click on browse to select a pic on your computer than click "Attach This File" button underneath of the "path to file/pic" tab.

alternatively upload you pics to some photo/pics website like Photobucket and use "picture link" in the editor menu.


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A couple from our recent 12 day treck


This one was just north of echuca, on the Edwards river, just inside the nsw boarder at Easter time


This one was taken at Bright mid week between echuca and dargo, it's from the Apex look out, 4wd access only and was a good gentle drive.


And finally the vic high country for Anzac weekend. This is Blue Rag, but it was a wonderful weekend..

Kallen Westbrook

Owner of

Westy's Accessories


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