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Toppy's GU wagon


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Hey guys,

Had the troll for a while now and thought I'd do a thread on the new site.

99 GU wagon

4.5L dual fuel

4 spd Auto

35x12.5x16 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers

5 - 6" lift consisting of SS flexy coils, Amarda Extreme shocks and superior front super flex arms.

Pacemaker extractors into a 2.5" exhuast

80 channel Oricom UHF

Rally 4000 spotties

XROX bullbar

PWR radiator

Mods to come:

Auto front locker until I can afford an E-locker

Brush bars, sliders and rear bar

New 4 or 5" lift kit

Reduction gears

4.11 diff gears.





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Nice wagon, I am with you guy's on the 4" being a safe hight lift for a daily, have you fitted a winch to your Xrox bar yet? I am interested as we went to fit my mate winch to his only to find we need to get a winch plate to fastern the winch to as I am not willing to take the risk pf mounting the winch to the bar as it is only 5mm thick and I would mount a winch to anything under 10mm. Interested to hear what everyone else thinks to.

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nice truck man. that clunk that your talking about in the front end, is it when you turn your steering left and right ? i have same set up with 5" lift and when i turn side to side i get a loud clunk from what i can see it looks like the springs reseating no really sure tho.

what do you think of those s Amarda extreme shocks? are they real soft or do they hold the weight of the truck and what length are they at?


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Thanks mate, actually up for sale but the only reason i'd let go of it would be for a TD GQ. To be honest I am unsure of the length. the clunk is when load is taken off the front end then back on, almost sounds like shocks but they are pretty new. I love the Amaradas but I think they need to be re-valved, the front end is a bit too soft.

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