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  1. Technically the world should have ended 9 months ago as the Mayans didn't include leap years in their calendar. Remember the y2k bug?
  2. Looks awesome mate, is OldMav on this forum yet?
  3. Tristan

    Best Shocks?

    I like the Amadas as well, especially the built in bump stops. Also keep thinking of what else I could get with the money I save buying Amadas over kings. Superior told me they are dropping SRC shocks due to supply issues
  4. Very sad to see, hopefully everyone comes here and not Nissan patrol dot com.
  5. Tristan

    Best Shocks?

    Ok so I have talked to a local dealer of King and he says don't get the ones from USA as they have different valving, he says he has his own custom valving that he recommends. Now obviously he is trying to sell me his product however he is a trusted friend and I have known him for a long time. Anyone know if there is truth in what he is saying? Do they really have different valving?
  6. Tristan

    Best Shocks?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I have just found you can get Kings valved to suit patrols pretty cheap from the states so I am leaning towards that option http://downsouthmotorsports.com/c-129233-all-oem-replacement-shocks-king-oem-performance-series-shock-kits-king-performance-kits-for-the-nissan-patrol.html
  7. Tristan

    Best Shocks?

    Hey all, I am looking at getting some new shocks for my coil cab gu and want the best possible ride. Kings are a bit outside my budget however I have been looking at Amada extremes (heard great things about these), SRC shocks (bit pricier, have they fixed the issues with the seals popping out?), and Profender shocks (haven't heard too much other than they are a bit soft for a daily driven patrol). Anyone have any experience with any of these or any other brands you suggest?
  8. well there are over 50,000 members on patrol4x4 so certainly at least 1000 will come here. There is however nissanpatrol.com.au, can't see a lot of patrol4x4 members liking that though
  9. All depends on what you are wanting out of it mate! Also let us know the build year of it so we know if it's got the stronger internals. I believe td42s built before august 1994 had heavier pistons with 28mm gudgeon pins which are much better suited to turbo applications.
  10. Tristan


    Hey guys, got here through patrol4x4.com, shame about the other site but onto bigger and better things. Oh and I'm Tristan on the old site as well
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