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Cross Country Intercooler Install ZD30

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Fitting the Cross Country IC should be done with due consideration, follow the Cross Country instructions carefully with regard to what parts need to be taken off and not replaced, this is where most later problems lie. It is a large well made unit that only just fits, so double check everything to be sure.

When removing the old IC check how clean the internals are, this will give an idea of how well your Catch Can is working. This was after 60,000k, when it was last cleaned, pretty good I thought


The CCIC is a big unit, it only just fits.


Area under the IC, ensure all bolts etc mentioned in the CC instructions as obstructions are removed


With my unit I had to modify the mount plate slightly as shown, this is apparently not the norm


A few other items to watch when installing bracket. I did not use the supplied bolts at the back I installed the original bolts in the rear from the bottom , this seemed the better option for me


The fitted unit ready for wiring


Front mount bolts as supplied, when refitting the original rubber mounts I applied copious amounts of silicone past (not sealant) to feed the rubber and keep it subtle.


To remount the surge tank that is fitted to the early DI's I fabricated a bracket as follows using rivnuts and most of the original bolts






As an option I mounted a 3 way valve on this bracket, it gives me the option of attaching a compound gauge into a spare line I ran thjrough the firewall to allow me to check my boost and vacuum calibration, maybe overkill but I had nothing better to do that afternoon :)


EDIT: forgot to add, this is the internal view of the 50C thermo switch, it is just a contact area switch it does not protrude into the IC.


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Nice - Did you notice any difference?

absobloodylutely, torque and EGT, initially EGT was not noticed until I got it out on the highway and fully loaded, a recent trip to SA for a forum meetup, 5260k all up, fully loaded and a few big climbs (especially the climb out of Adelaide towards Bordertown, it's very, very long and reasonably steep) and the highest EGT I saw was less than 450C. And I achieved 9.7L/100 on that trip, the worst eco included the beach run to the head of the Murray and I got 12 on that section. So I'm happy, and we were carrying a lot of weight.

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I put one on mine a year or two back and found out later that i hadnt removed one of the bolts in the manifold, which screwed the fan in 1 day, there was an arrow pointing at the bolt on the diagram but it didnt say remove it, my bad luck.

Anyway I decided to install another fan today and when i pulled the old one it had 3 blades missing, its got me stuffed how they broke of though, there was nothing obstructing them.

Hopefully with the new fan, the dtronic and a 3" scotts rods going on on thursday she'll have some extra grunt, bloody need it towing the van!

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