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What Oil?


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Google "netlube" followed by a brand of oil, eg castrol penrite. Put your vehicle details in the drop down boxes on the site, and it shows every oil needed to suit diffs, motors and gearboxes for that particular model. Even tells you how many litres recommended.

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On 4/24/2019 at 1:15 PM, tim said:

Nissan themselves recommend using 10w40 b3 in the zd30 non crd and the zd30 crd 

No one knows why but they also put emphasis on that it must be semi-synthetic whatever that suppose to mean,  technically 100% synthetic motor oil is a myth! Jusk ask a petro chemical engineer who is willing to divulge this scam or just read about on Wikipedia! All  widely available 'synthetic' motor oils are based on crude oil with higher end processing/refining so most of the impurties from crude are removed and special additives to improve the concoction are added.


It must be said that engine oils today are mostly suited to latest designs combustion precesses therefore older design like ZD30 will not benefit from latest oils indeed there are downsides. High quality mineral or blended (semi-synthetic) oils are better for ZD30.

I'm trialling ULX110 which is special blend mineral oil with some fancy organic additives. I was happily using Caltex Delo 400 variety before, all 15W-40 and no issues.



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