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Hungry Jacks grilled chicken burger


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Well, a lot of hot younger chicks are only good for one thing and after the novelty of that wears off and as an older bloke you are too tired for anything but conversation, Hot and young soon becomes Dumb and irratating.

If your Mrs dosen't have her phone in her hand twitting on facewaste 24/7 be happy fella, REAL happy!

Anyway, post up a pic of your wife. She probably is hot and you are just taking her for granted where other's of us here would be a lot more appreciative. :)

And as for the Burger, my Mrs is hot and young at heart at least enough for me.

Now, If the damn burger made her Taller, I would sell the house and buy a franchise, no question.

Not a single damn day goes by where I don't ask myself what on earth possesed me to marry such a short arsed woman. :rolleyes:

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marry a dwarf did we glort


I'm 6'2 and shes 5'0. WTF was I thinking????

She can't reach what is barely over my eye level.

Thank god the kids got my height Genes not hers. I think they were both taller than mum by the time they were 10.

My Niece and her very decent BF who I like and get on well with seem to be getting serious but have a similar Height differential.

I told him a few weeks back, You are a great young guy and would be an asset to the family but fer christ sakes mate, think carefully!

You'll have a lifetime of back pain from bending over as well as every day of frustration having to get things off shelves you cannot believe they cannot reach.

I told him surely there must be some properly sized women out there by now and you won't have to go through what I have for the last 20 years.

My wife hit me. Then my Niece hit me.

They are fiestly little things these vertically challenged knomes and a straight punch can land right were it really hurts on a tall bloke.

Is it at all weird that I find the simple act of being able to stand up straight and look a woman in the eyes without bending my back somewhat arousing?

Maybe it's the absence of back pain from bending over that does it?

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