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Locking up the Coral Sea, where will it end?


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Even if you never get the chance to go to a spot like this, please read the attached letter (petition) and make up your own mind. If you agree please send it on to Tony Burke through the link, myself, many others and people in the future will thank you.

I have been lucky enough to visit the outer reefs on a couple of occasions and loved every minute of it I've walked on and popper fished on coral keys 200k offshore. Green Groups have been trying for years to lock up this area. Many of the greens groups would not have a bloody clue what it actually looked like. I wrote to the Government in 2009 about this when rumours were first surfacing of an impending close, I still have the letter telling me I would always be able to enjoy catch and release fishing up there, well guess what, he lied.

The government is so marginalised that they will pander to anyone to get a vote, this is a classic case. As said above, even if you never get the chance to go there please consider those who may. Catch and release fishing has been self regulated for many years by the very few operators who work that area and it is working very well, these guy's are in the business, so if they kill an area they kill their business, there are still bloody big fish to be caught out there, I know I bare the scars. I know Damon from Nomad and he is totally dedicated to keeping these reefs pristine, why wouldn't he, it's his livelihood and our enjoyment.

This government says it wants to lead the world in marine protection, what a load of crap it wants to stay in power and will sacrifice whoever/whatever is necessary to achieve that end. This has nothing to do with marine parks but does have a lot to do with appeasing a voting demographic who are mainly filled with people have no idea what actually happens in the Coral Sea or any other marine park for that matter.

And always keep in mind "What's Next".

Thanks for reading this far into it, I will be sending my own letter to Burke reminding him of the lies his Government told me in 2009. Fisho's have the numbers in this country but we are generally an apathetic lot, please lets use our numbers to send a message.




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It won't end until the Greens have locked up all of Australia and this is the UN once again sticking its nose into other people's business.

What I found ironic this week, with all the rain we had, was that the Yallourn power station once again was affected and there are fears that we would only have around 80 hours of reserve coal. Now those complaining the most are ones who seem to be backing the closing down of coal fired power stations. We will, or could have easily had, a very good taste of life without coal fired power.



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The Greens and those aliened to them are and always will be a bunch of hypocrites. How do they get from point A to B they drive, fly, bus, ferry but do they walk or cycle no. :angry:

Winter do they just rug up, no! How do they prepare foof on a stove not by just eating something that requires non thermal activity, that"s for sure. :wacko: Do they fart, hell yeah and more than the normal non lentil eating person, so are they going to pay more in carbon tax, of course not, that's because their shite don't stink and they're hypocryts. ;)

Thgey want all the trimmings of modern day living but expect others to do without. :rolleyes:


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I wanted to ad something meaningful but TBH I can't be bothered.

Next time you wander "what is next" look at your fellow citizens and the crap they are up to, than you'll know what is next!

This is why this nation has become "a nanny nation". Because there are so many stupid, ignorant, pathetic morons out there

not wanting to share/live on "brown land" of ours, that this proverbial road to hell gets paved with good flawed intentions!


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This government says it wants to lead the world in marine protection,

What the Fluck is it with all this " Lead the world" chit with crap that has no benifit to Australia?

How about we lead the worls in sending bludging immagration jumper to the bottom of the sea or at least back to whenst they came? How about leading the world in a simple, fair tax system? How about leading the world in a technology the rest of the world will want to buy from us and will make this a better country?

The last thing I heard the gubbermint wanted to lead the world in was carbon tax. Big flucking deal. The only thing that is going to lead the world in is making us a laughing stock.

I don't really care if we trail the world in environmental issues because they are all a total and utter crock of chit.

They talk about all this green save the planet crap while they run a desal plant dumping the water into the ocean or allow massive dumpings of new and unused products in land fill just because they are no longer current models or mandate the addition of ethanol to petrol supposedly because it's clean and green when in effect it takes more energy, resources and creates more emissions in the life cycle than just using straight petrol.

It's all complete Bullchit. Fixing those few things above is going to do a hell of a lot more than all this green crap we keep getting shoved donw our throats. But of course, I'm too simplistic and don't take into account the bigger picture that there is money to be made in carbon tax and money to be lost in removing ethanol from petrol or terminating desal contracts.


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I wonder what good they really do.

I signed it last time round anyway.

I think given this is the start of the carbon tax era, we should all celebrate by burning some tires or 10L or so of sump oil.

If we are going to pay for these emissions, may as well get some value for our money.

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