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1 July 2012


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I can't stand that lying two faced mole!

Besides the 'there will be no carbon tax, she can't even handle the bloody boat people issue!

Hers is one funeral I'll be flying anywhere in Australia to be at, if I'm still here!

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Politics aside, this really wound me up: http://www.news.com.au/national/tony-abbott-wont-dump-carbon-tax-says-julia-gillard/story-e6frfkvr-1226413528354

Ms Gillard said the debate around the carbon tax resembled the debate on the GST when it was introduced by Prime Minister John Howard in 2000.

Treasurer Wayne Swan said "today is the day that Tony Abbott is going to get mugged by the truth".

"I think we can all assume that the lies will keep coming from Mr Abbott," he told reporters in Brisbane.

"But their credibility will get less and less."

Howard went to the polls telling the electorate that it was an election on the GST; vote him in and he will introduce a GST and abolish all existing taxes, whiolesale etc.

Gillard went to the polls saying 'There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead' and then introduces a carbon tax, a tax on top of the GST, that impacts all products.

Yet there are people who cheer this lot on.



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And now mole is saying that even if abbot gets in he won't be able to remove it...

She like a cat to me.. And we all the ending for good cats..

It's funny how the whole thing has come in though. Mining, fishing, manufacturing and farming got exemptions from the full force of the tax (which is a crock of BS to start) yet the timber industry (most fragile of the lot) was over looked and will get the full hit.

Funny how this industry is the only industry which has a negative foot print due to all the plantations they run, but the plantations are not included in the gov's tax calculations...

This whole thing is utter BS and we as Australians are being laughed at by the rest of the world...

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And to top it all off, there on winter break now.. WTF.. So Australia just stops for 2 (I think) weeks. They should be made to stay untill this who asylum thing was sorted.. No matter how long..

Boy I'd love a winter break...

+1, yeah where is our "winter break"? :angry: F-ing polies, these leeches are sucking Australia dry, going off on their tax payer funded convenient Northern hemisphe summer season so called winter break. I'm absolutely astounded that they can getaway with this, perhaps the voters stupidy, ignorance and sheer naivety allows for these rorts to continue.


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Toser! I think that is being very nice. These pollies are really starting I get under my skin. I wonder if we can get bin larden to drop a bomb on Canberra. I cannot believe the fools that are supposedly running this country. Australia is an absolute joke!! No wonder every man and his illegal immigrant want to come here. Shoot them all!!!!!!!!!

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Since Labor is trying to make Australia as uncompetitive as possible, why not assist other countries to out-compete Australia at the same time. There's a sort of logic in that.



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Politics is the biggest crock of Shit Played on the worlds population there is.

The people that get in are done so through their merit in a popularity contest. You never see one of them in a campaign saying " My experience is this that and the other and I was able to increase the profits, decrease the expenditure, make this or that better through these innovations " Or anything like a real job candidate would have to put forth. IT's useless asking their intentions because they lie throught their arse and have no problem saying one thing before and doing a complete turn around as soon as they are in.

The biggest qualification is who can smile best for the camera's, Kiss arse as well as babies and has the most friends in high places to bankroll their popularity contest. Not even decent looks are a remote requirement given how most of them look like complete dorks and nerds rather than leaders.

If a hot chick ever ran for PM shed be in for as long as her looks held out no matter how blonde right through she might be. At least people could have a laugh and know her mismanagement wasn't deliberately screwing them over.

Any sensible initiatives that may be put forward by overpaid consultants and advisers are always tarnished with what might be popular or put the most money in the pollies and friends in high places pockets.

They lie and cheat and talk chit they Damn well know is not true than blame each other and carry on like school girls.

The whole concept of politics is rotten to the core.

The whole thing as far as I'm concerned is an insult to peoples intelligence. The best you can hope ( usually in vain ) for is the next lot of lying, thieving clowns you put in will by some miracle be better than the last lot. Generally those hopes are dashed quickly.

The bit I love the most is by definition more people voted for them than didn't but 6 months to a year in no one will admit to having put them in.

I have never voted for a major party, I usually vote for the nuttiest sounding on the paper because at the beginning Stage they are usually the most honest and by not having a hope in hell of getting in, I can thumb my nose at the whole pathetic joke without getting a fine sent to me for not voting at all.

I wonder if when I move if I don't change my address or whatever I can get out of the whole miserable insult to my intelligence without getting copped.

When those that are in charge of the country can show their actual skills, aptitude and ability for the job they are given, then maybe I'll take it seriously.

Right now the kid at the drive through window at the local grease pit would have a better idea of running the country than the clowns we have in now or are likely to get in the future.

How about we lead the world by having polies that will actually do the best for the country and the people rather than themselves or their self serving agenda's?

Instead of showing the world our idiotic carbon crock, what about showing the most consistent economic growth, the most consistent standard of living increase, the lowest taxation, the highest employment rates, the best public health and aged care systems, the highest education standards, Lowest overseas deficit, the best sustained growth rates in industry, manufacturing, technology.......

Fk, if they want to set examples there is no shortage of USEFUL endeavours they could embark on that would make us look good not like morons.

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I just happened to be searching for something totally unrelated and came across this on the carbon tax website....

Over half the money raised from the carbon price will be used to assist households. Nine in 10 households will receive a combination of tax cuts and payments to help with the costs of the carbon price.

What sort of flucked up tax has to be given away in order to compensate the people it affects?

And it seems to me if more than half is being given away, how much is the cost of administration and controlling that?

Another thing that occurred to me is the amount of brochures and literature produced on this. How much energy and resources were expended on that which would not have otherwise and created less carbon emissions than have been through the introduction of this tax in the first place?

And that is just from the Gubbermint, what about the companies and businesses affected? There must be a chit load more energy and emissions expended by them as well.


Now here is some typical spin doctoring on the website:

Q. Where will the money raised from the carbon price go?


More than half of the money raised will be used to assist households. The majority of households will receive tax cuts, increased assistance payments or both. With the rest of the money, the Government will be supporting jobs in the most affected industries and investing in our clean energy future.

OK, so far there is no mention of what the money will be spent on as far as actually Doing anything for the environment, reducing emissions etc.

This has been a sticking point with me all along..... What will the money specifically be used for?

So I dig a bit deeper in and click on the link above about supporting industries and jobs.

And I find this golden Nugget....

The Government will allocate around 40 per cent of carbon price revenue to help businesses and support jobs.


The first headline I found said the gubbermint will spend over half the tax assisting households. Now this bit says 40% will be used to support jobs and industry.

So if we take the first statement of " Over Half" to it's lowest possibility, 51% and 40% is going to assist jobs, that leaves all of a piddling 9% at very best to help the environment. After administration etc of this debacle. Are these people Fking insane and have lost the plot completely?

Being of a definite non political mentality, If it were me, i'd have just increased an existing tax a small amount so not everyone needed to be compensated and a similar amount of money could have been raised without all the criminal wastage of red tape etc.

But clearly I am burdened by an proclivity to do things as simply, cheaply, efficiently and practically as possible which precludes me from ever making any sort of political representative or official.

So Looking at the carbon scam price further I see a video tellng me that the pollouters will be charged for their carbon emissions and that the price of some things will go up but I'll be compensated for them.

So if I'm paying more with the left hand and someone is giving me more money with the right, then isn't the price effectively the same so there is no incentive for either myself or the producer of said product to actually reduce emissions if their sales are the same?

Someone make sense of this idioticy for me!!

Now the one place I can see this biting us all on the arse is Imports. All of the sudden, the little curry muncher from Chindia who doesn't even have any emissions laws to comply with from basic sewrage/ sanitation suddenly has an even bigger gap between the price of what he can produce by bellowing all sorts of crap out that hasn't been allowed in Oz for 50 years and can either send local businesses to the wall or force the work to be done offshore.

Now Foolia and co may not have noticed but there are no barriers or borders for air or water or anything else. We all breathe from the same big blue bag so Wether you create carbon emissions here or 10,000 miles away, the effect on the planet is all the same.

I'm sure that would seem obvious to anyone bar a one eyed pollie.

Honestly, I thought there may have been some benefit I missed in my ignorance but the more I look into this The more absoloutley retarded, illogical, laughable and downright criminal it becomes.

How anyone, green flea brain or otherwise can support this as having any upside is totally beyond me.

I thought it was just an excuse for a gubbermint cash cow but I can't even see that being a worthwhile possibility at this stage.

Really, we only have ourselves to blame. We support this moronic concept of politics, we vote these clowns in and we let them fluck us up like this and the future of our kids with barely a whimper. What we should do is offer them bonuses for schemes that do work and floggings or public stoning for the ones that don't. In other words, our pollies need some incentive and motivation to do their job with the interests of the people and the country they are working for and being paid by.

Then see how their performance in running the country improves over night and what sort of a good idea this crap tax is.

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