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Oldmate's 01 GU Wagon

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First thing done a few weeks after getting it was new 285 Micky t MTZ to replace the old worn out Bfg at


After driving it for about 6mths I upgraded the manual isolator to an auto type and set up a plug in the rear for a fridge. Another few months past and it was time for a front locker. So after much consideration an e locker was ordered and fitted. About 2 months after this we decided to throw a 3" lift in. It is ride pro springs with tough dog 45mm adjustable shocks, at the same time I scored a rhino rack very very cheap. So got legs and bars new and fitted it up.

With the lift in



Will post some more up later.

Thanks for reading. Olly.

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A pic of the bar when it was all finished and fitted. has got a flogging since and has held up well.


other mods include fridge slide, led lighting at rear with custom switchbox. Fold down table on back door and catch can fitted. Still plenty more to do. Sliders will be next on the list


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I am on the gold coast mate. But there is plenty of motley members all over SE Qld. Mainly in the brisbane area though.

As far as building another bar, I would certainly offer some help and guidance. When I move and have a larger workshop I would think about a re design and build some more. Just don't have the space at the moment.

The rear door table is an easy one. Measured the trim on the back door and had stainless cut for me. For the top made it almost the same size, have to allow for the pinch mould when the door closes. Had it cut with a 7mm fold all the way around. Stuck 7mm ply under it with some marine carpet stuck to it. Hinge is a stainless piano hinge. Got some SS leader wire for the stays. Of you want to do it let me know and I can give you a hand etc.

A pic of it folded up.


Might throw this up in the DIY section.

Where abouts you live mate?

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Sorry mate I forgot to get back to you. Im at Runcorn (brissy south) see a lot of motley rigs getting around my area. I have looked into joining up a couple of times.

They seem to have a pretty good club with a good family friendly base which would suit me. Might look into it some more.

I might get in and pull the door skin off on the weekend and see what is what.

Really appreciate the feed back and offer of some help. I might have ago first and if I get stuck ill give you a holla. Maybe a couple more pics of how you fixed it on.

Thanks again and make sure you do a write up for your mods in diy, the more info we get on here the better it will be.

Cheers Mark.

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Yeah they are a good family/more camping/touring club than the typical bash and smash club. I haven't den alot recently with them, but have meet some great people over the 4 years since it started. Check out the website if you are interested.

I will get my door table up on the DIY also. And the rear bar if I get time.

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Cheers guys. Yeah matto I am at paradise point and the trol is my wife's daily. Goes to Molindinar and home again. This is my work ute that I am in every day. Has 2 tool boxes and ladder racks on it. If ya see me give a wave. I am in nerang regularly. Cheers


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