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Ok lets see who picks it.

The vehicle: 1998 Nissan Patrol 2.8 ST Turbo Diesel. Recent engine and clutch replacement. Recent injectors service done (injectors replaced)

The Issue: Every day when i go to start it, it wont start.. kicks over for about 2 minutes off and on with me on the key, lots of white smoke (like batman hit the smoke screen button on the batmobile) then bang she kicks. Then for the rest of the day the truck is perfectly normal. No white smoke and restarts everytime like a breeze.

ECU Talk shows no errors.

Truck is going in on monday arvo.. should know issue by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Pick that fault!

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Yep sounds like glow plugs. Listen to hear if the glow plug relay engages when you key to ign. Could also use a multi meter to check for voltage at the plugs.. sounds like none of them are working so probably a wiring issue from the relay to the plug rail, or fuse.

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Get rid of the stupid 2.8 glow relay system and do GOLDTROL's manual glow plug mod. Did it to mine, use 4.2 plugs brand new 750cca battery and starts straight away every time, very little smoke.


By the way thanks for the input gents, im hoping its glow plugs too as its a cheap fix right?

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It shouldn't be too difficult to fix, but whether it's cheap is another thing. It should be pretty easy to work out which plug is gone, by taking each one out and measuring the resistance, you can even pass some current through each one and see which one/s warm up.



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