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Slow retractable seatbelt


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To go with what Jamus said from memory nissan do a sticker pack thing. The sticker goes into the top loop.

Supposed to make them retract better.

If you have a look at the top loop - lift the seatbelt you'll see there normaly caked with dirt.

If you rub this of it helps alot aswell.

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When mine became really bad a couple of years back I washed and rinsed them thoroughly on a hot day and hung them over the door to dry, I would not put silicone spray on the runner as this gets back onto the belt and attracts dust further exacerbating the run through the top mount.

What I did find was some built up gunk on the top of the runner slot which when I removed, restored some extra return force into it, they were never brilliant so don't expect too much.

There are a number of teflon/mylar tapes around that can be used to improve friction just need to make sure you get a very thin one.

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