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Curent statistics from

*nissanpatrol forum --> 291 members and 1885 guests

* 4x4patrol forum ---> 41 members and 139 guests

*this one ----> 3 members, 1 guests

We are getting there ....... ;)


Interesting ... the top two use to be the other way round.

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i joined that nissanpatrol forum ages ago and it was crap (just my opinion) then i found patrol4x4 and loved it there its a shame its dying in the arse cause the virus crap i still go visit it even tho i put my comp at risk everytime :( just hope all the lads follow suit and come this way as there is a ton of very nice and honest helpful guys amoung the forum and hope all the up em self rude pricks go the other way :P

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I've been watching this forum for a couple of weeks looking for updates on the status of Patrol4x4. It seems that Patrol4x4 is a sinking ship so I signed up here.

Hopefully if Patrol4x4 doesn't get sorted we can populate this place and make it feel like home.

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